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A good honest used car dealer to deal with.
A good honest used car dealer to deal with. The salesman is the owner, who does all the paper work. It is nice dealing with a small dealer. We bought a used 2002 Toyota 4-Runner from them. They were very easy to work with
Chuck S.
Battle Ground, WA
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I HIGHLY recommend 405 Motors...
They sold us an excellent car, at a very fair price.
They are an HONEST dealership, and don't try any funny stuff that you might find at other places. They're very no pressure, experienced, and knowledgeable in their trade. We told them what we were looking for in a car, what we would use it for, and what our price range was. They looked around for a couple weeks, and found us a Honda Element, in great condition. It was well-maintained, no accidents, low miles; the whole deal, really.
They make purchasing a vehicle a very pleasant, almost enjoyable experience, and hassle-free.
Without any reservation, I HIGHLY recommend 405 Motors to anyone looking for a new or used car. :)
Andrew S.
Woodinville, WA
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They were great.
They were great. They stayed open late for our appointment. The vehicle didn't have a manual and they sent one to us within a couple days. great customer service and very friendly.
Tina C.
Portland, OR
A+ Rating
Bought a 2006 Acura MDX. Enjoyed the buying experience with 405 motors. Basit was friendly,knowledgeable and courteous. I would recommend 405 Motors to my friends & relatives. A+ Rating....
Jenson W.
Seattle, WA
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Lewis G.
Am I really in a car dealership? Hard to tell. Nobody's sucking me into their sales vortex. Nobody's trying to make their inventory sound like it's exactly what I needed when it's not. I'm not terrified to give them my contact information (or planning on making a phone number up). Their prices are awesome on great cars. I just.... don't know what to think.

The crazy thing - I haven't even bought a car from them yet (planning on it), but I'm already raving about them. I've been to enough dealerships and been scared off by enough shady craigslist postings ("well, yes it's been in an accident, but with minor headlight repair only. we buy from auction.") that it has been VERY refreshing to find these guys. They know about the cars. They know what good prices are. And I've felt more pressure from a gentle breeze than what I felt when I visited these guys.

Already recommending to coworkers who are looking and very excited to work with them to find my car.
Lewis G.
San Jose, CA
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Car under 10k
They promise they will service your car at dealer costs if you buy from them, they did not follow through on this the couple of times I called.
I bought a 2003 toyota corolla from them about 1 year ago and it was a fairly decent car. I was always a little suspicous they had done some alterations and several mechanics seemed a bit confused about pieces missing in the vehicle. But for the price, and the non-greasy attitude I guess if you are buying a car under 10k its alright.
Jordan B.,
Seattle, WA
...great experience at 405 Motors.
Had a great experience, at 405 motors. Very helpful and courteous personnel. No hassles. Thank you
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Best buying experience ever!
Happened upon this place by accident- I was looking for a specific vehicle and they had one that seemed to be priced much lower than all of the other similar ones I've seen. I thought something must be wrong with it but checked it out anyway- it was flawless and priced less than the exact same vehicle at another dealership, the difference was the one at the other dealership had 30,000 more miles on it. I asked to test drive it, they said sure, gave me the keys and said have fun. No one "selling" me the car, no one sitting in the passenger seat telling me how great this one is, just me and the car. When I got back I asked why this is priced so much lower than other cars- apparently their business model is they price their vehicles $1250 over what they get them for and there's no negotiating. At all. What a concept! No haggling about the price of a used car? How come I had never heard of this place before?

I ended up getting the car, which left me with what to do with my old one. I didn't want to just get the trade-in value, so they told me about their consignment program. For $500 they will sell your car for you- clean it up, put the ads up on the web, and handle all the associated paperwork. You also get the tax credit on the trade-in value of your old car, which saved me about $1400. If the car doesn't sell in 30 days you can either get it back or they keep it and you just get the trade-in value. My truck sold less than 24 hours later. Unbelievable.

When I drove my new car off the lot I noticed a warning that a marker lamp was out that I didn't notice before. After contacting the dealership they told me where I could take the car and have this problem fixed and they would pick up the tab. Again, unbelievable.

I don't know about the one really negative review here, I guess everyone has bad days, but I've bought at least 7 cars in the past 10 years and this was the hands-down best experience I've ever had buying a car. I'll recommend 405 motors to everyone I know.
Todd A.
Kirkland, WA
Now that's customer service!
I actually signed up for Yelp, just to write this review. This is the only car-buying experience I've had that was truly a pleasant experience. (5 used-car buying experiences between my husband and I.)

Sales was no-pressure, they pretty much show you the car you ask to see and leave you alone. Prices were also the best out there by a significant amount.

We came in with a pre-approved loan - the finance guy did a bit of extra research for about 40 minutes and ended up getting us a better rate on the spot from a different bank!

The icing on the cake - we bought a car with a cracked windshield which was damaged by the trucking delivery company (it was such a good deal we we bought it knowing we'd immediately add $300, and it was STILL the best deal out there). A week later, we got a call from the dealership saying they were following up on a claim from the trucking company which had delivered the car. They put us in touch with the carrier's insurance to have the windshield replaced!! We didn't ask for this, and it was extra work for them, AFTER we had already purchased the car. Now that's customer service!
Leslie C.
Seattle, WA
...405 Motors team is very knowledgeable about the market.
I purchased a 2006 Acura MDX from 405 Motors in October 2009, and have been very pleased. The 405 Motors team is very knowledgeable about the market. Their prices are very competitive If you're buying a used vehicle - especially Honda's, Acura's, Toyota's nobody beats their price. Four of my personal friends have purchased from 405 motors and all have been pleased. Of course my friends were smart as they made up their minds within 24 hours after 405 Motors had found a vehicle for them. I looked for over 6 months and 405 motors was always better positioned than anybody else in the market. Their business model allows them to really bring value to their customers. I could have saved my self a lot of hassle if I just purchased the first few vehicles they offered me.
Neeraj Mathur
Snoqualmie, WA
This place is a refreshing change...
This place is a refreshing change, nothing like the typical car dealer. We got to look at all theirs vans and when WE were ready got to test drive on our own. They answered all our questions with honesty and a geniune sincerty. We love our Van and will tell everyone about our positive experience.
These people are honest...
Came here in search of a car and left with a car. I would typically get a car from the owner but I decided to look at used car dealers.

This place as great cars with low mileage at KBB price. The best part is the price is marked as is, no negotiating.

As for the people who are complaining that they bought a car and found out it didnt work - dont you know to have your mechanic check your car before you buy? These people are honest, they service the cars as much as they are legally obligated to, thats why they have such great prices. If you want every car serviced then go to the deal, pay thousands more and have 20-50k more miles on the car.

Bottom line, pay the mechanic $100 to put his stamp of approval on ANY car you EVER buy PERIOD. If you dont, then it's your own fault for any problems that occur.
K. G.,
Seattle, WA
...this was the easiest process we've experienced thus far.
We had a good experience with 405 Motors. We recently purchased an 09 Honda Odyssey. We initially found them through where we were searching for used mini-vans. We noticed that their prices were better than the other dealers so stopped in. You will not find high-pressure sales people here. That is not how they operate. They don't offer up how they do operate, so you need to ask questions to find out. They don't have a lot of inventory sitting on their lot. They go out and find the car that you want. The reason they can offer low prices is exactly because they don't have cars sitting around on the lot. The philosophy is opposite from the typical dealership where you go choose from the many cars that are available. We knew which year, make and model we were looking for already, so their approach suited us well. We made a $500 deposit, completed a form detailing the car we were looking for and they searched auction sites to find us what we wanted. The day we came to see the car, we made the decision to purchase it, were able to complete loan paperwork on site (we were planning to use our credit union and it turns out they were able to process the paperwork for our credit union on site at the same rates our CU was offering-very convenient!) and drove off with our car that afternoon. All of this happened in the span of a few hours. The car came with the CarFax report, it had been to their mechanic and was nearly perfectly detailed. We noticed a small section of the car that looked like the paint was bubbly. We brought the car back a few days later and they had it buffed out for us. One thing to note is that the car is still under the manufacturer's warranty, so we have the peace of mind to know that any major items are going to be covered at a dealership should something go awry. The reason I didn't give them 5 stars is because they aren't proactive about communication. I called often to check in to see what the status was. My experience would have been better if I would have gotten regular updates. We've purchased several cars in the past and this was the easiest process we've experienced thus far.
Terri D.
Kirkland, WA

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