Pre-Purchase Car Inspection

Buying a second-hand car is a significant expense, so it’s important to make the right decision. From the condition of the engine and transmission, to the cooling system and suspension, inspecting a vehicle should always be part of the buying process. While some people with mechanical skills can carry out their own inspections, it’s normally best left to the pros.

We offer trusted, reliable, and comprehensive pre-purchase car inspection Woodinville area, including the neighborhoods of Bothell, Mill Creek, Kirkland, Redmond, Monroe, Duvall, and Bellevue. Our qualifications and experience can inspire confidence and put your mind at ease.

Independent expert advice

Used cars are notoriously difficult to predict, with some cars operating like new and others prone to expensive and time-consuming problems. While no-one has a crystal ball, a pre purchase inspection Woodinville WA can tell a lot about a vehicle’s condition before a purchase offer is made.

Independent and professional advice is worth its weight in gold during this critical time, with our qualified and experienced evaluators able to check for defects, damage, and potential safety issues that need to be addressed. We operate from our well-appointed local garage and service Bothell, Duvall, and Kirkland among other locations.

Components of a pre-purchase inspection

Pre Purchase Inspection in Woodinville, WA - 405 Motors

Whether you want to buy a small hybrid car, a family sedan, or a large SUV, it’s important to get a pre purchase inspection Woodinville from a professional. There are many ways to gather information about the condition of a car, with different tests and examinations used when checking the exterior condition, structural integrity, and overall safety. While the overall condition of a vehicle can tell you a lot about how it’s been maintained, specific checks need to be carried out to ensure standards and safety.

  • Vehicle exterior and structure
  • Condition of wheels and tires
  • Brakes and safety features
  • Electrical system
  • Engine and powertrain
  • Transmission
  • Suspension
  • Emissions and compliance
  • Interior condition

A pre purchase car inspection is always a good idea. While it’s also important to check the car’s history by analyzing its logbooks and service schedule, a hands-on inspection is the only way to uncover existing and potentially serious problems before you put your money on the line. The relatively small pre purchase inspection cost can save you lots of money in the long-run.

Having an accurate idea of the car’s condition is incredibly valuable prior to making an offer, with the existence of small problems likely to lower the purchase price. If you need expert advice or a comprehensive pre purchase car inspection in Woodinville or the surrounding area, please give us a call today or make an appointment!