405 Motors offers a consignment service for vehicles which involves professionally prepping your vehicle and marketing it to a wide audience. To professionally market a high priced item like a car requires significant prep work, product knowledge, skills to facilitate negotiations, the ability to meet buyers’ needs for financing and service contracts, and a variety of other factors that complicate the sale process for private sellers. We take care of all those things for you and save you the hassle. The consignment process involves an appraisal of your vehicle’s market value, prepping it for sale and marketing to the right audience.

Determining Your Car's Market Value

Bring your car to our dealership so we can conduct an appraisal. Someone from our staff will look over the car, ask you questions about its history, check out the mileage, assess condition and marketability, and present you with their valuation.

We will tell you the Whole Sale value and the Retail Value of your vehicle. The former valuation will be the price we are willing to pay for your car on the spot and the latter we may recommend as the consignment price. Our recommendation does not bind you to set a specific price, you are still free to set whatever price you want to.

Before a vehicle is presented to a large audience, it needs to be ready to be test driven and create the first impression that will convince a buyer that it is the right one for them. For us that entails doing a 150 Points inspection on the vehicle for safety and drivability. The next step involves getting the vehicle detailed so it’s clean inside out. Finally, we snap 35 to 40 photos of the vehicle, for advertisement purposes.

Marketing Your Car To Potential Buyers

Marketing your vehicle properly is critical for selling it quickly and at the right price. 405 Motors has a professional customer service team, a safe and open lot, and an attractive website that all help advertise and sell your vehicle.

In addition to that we will list your vehicle on Craigslist,,, and other popular sites frequented by car buyers. Premium listings like this put consigned vehicles in front of the right shoppers.

We partner with industry leading companies in automotive sales and marketing. This allows us to have a wide outreach and quality assurance for potential buyers of your vehicle. We offer a Free CarFax report on your consignment to all potential buyers.

Top 5 Advantages Of Selling Through 405 Motors

  • A convenient, efficient and time saving experience
  • Greater visibility and broader access to buyers than slapping a "For Sale" sign in your rear wnidow and parking it on a busy street
  • Let us handle all the test drives, buyer inquiries and DMV paperwork. No need to negotiate with strangers.
  • No hassle sales transaction. Go home, sit back and wait fo our call "Congratulations, your vehicle has been sold." Come in and collect your check.
  • If your vehicle does not sell within 30 days we will buy it from you.*

Cost Of Consignment

No Hidden Fees!

Bonus: If You End Up Buying A Car From Us, You Will Be Eligible For A Tax Credit

*We will offer you the Whole Sale price for your vehicle.
1: Pre-Sale inspection involves engine check, transmission, drive axles, fluids and safety inspection.
2: Detail includes, hand wash, all exterior parts, pressure wash, engine wash and interior vacuum and cleaning.