Why are your prices so much better than most dealers?
We offer better prices simply because of our low overheads. Industry Resources tell us that the Average new car dealer spends $50k in advertising, $50k in rent, $30k in paying salespeople commission, 30k to a sales manager, and the list goes on and on. We on the other hand spend virtually no money on advertising, we rely mostly on our past customers to spread the word. We do not have commissioned sales staff or behind the scenes sales Managers.

What is the condition of your vehicles?
Our inventory is primarily 1-Owner Carfax Certified cars and truck. Most of our vehicles are Factory Certification Eligible.

Where do you Source your used cars?
Most of our vehicles are factory lease returns, factory program cars that are purchased directly from the leasing companies such as Lexus Financial, BMW Financial, Audi Financial, Mercedes Benz Credit, Honda and Acura Financial. Some vehicle are trade in to stores that carry mostly highline vehicles, such as an exotic dealer if they take a Toyota in trade would often wholesale to other dealers that specialize in that type of car. We also purchase 30 day and 60 day old vehicles from Toyota, BMW, Honda stores to such a name a few. All vehicles have been put thru rigorous safety inspections.

What kind of inspection do you perform on your used cars?
All of our vehicles go thru an extensive mechanical, safety inspection, We take pride in delivering cars that meet and exceed industry standards for reconditioning. Our used cars inspection are made available to our customers. So if you are considering a used car please ask for your complimentary safety inspection report.

Can I order a used car?
Yes, simply fill out our locater request and we will locate a vehicle that meets your requirements.

How much do you charge if I would like to locate a vehicle?
We do not have any locate fees, finder fees or any other fees associated with finding your dream car. You will get the same low price that we offer on all of our cars. Most of the time our prices are below Wholesale.

It is an incoming vehicle mean?
It indicates a vehicle that we have just acquired thru our dealer and wholesale network. It is in route to our dealership and will arrive typically 7-10 days after the purchase to allow for safety inspection, payment and title paperwork to be exchanged. We allow customers to be able to put a deposit to secure the vehicle.

What if I don't like the vehicle that I have a deposit for or I have purchased another vehicle?
All deposits taken for vehicle holds and/or purchases are non-refundable. If you decide to go with a different vehicle, the dealer may offer the option to switch the deposit to a different car at their own discretion.

Can I have an Independent inspection performed?
Yes we welcome any independent inspection to be performed on all of our vehicles.

What is a Price check?
Price check service is a no obligation quote to compare the vehicle that you are in the market to purchase to see if you are really getting a good deal. There is no obligation to purchase from us or cost associated with this service. We will respond to price check inquires with a 24hour time frame, because the volume of request that we receive please be patient. Sending multiple inquires may cancel the original request. However different request may be submitted for different vehicles.

Do you take trade ins? Even if I owe money on my trade in?
Yes. We do take trades whether paid for or not.

Can you help? I have negative Equity i.e. I owe more on my trade than it is worth.
When you have negative equity it is usually the combination of paying too much for the vehicle as well as carrying over from your last purchase. We are experts when it comes to getting you a clean slate. We offer you a below wholesale price to offset the negative equity on your vehicle so you can quality for a bank loan.

What can I expect for my trade in?
We use variety of sources to appraise trade ins. As a general rule please check kb trade in to determine the value of your trade in . We typically pay between fair and good as long as the condition of the vehicle is good to excellent. Also we maintain the right to give more or less depending on a test drive and other factors.

Do you offer financing?
Yes, we do offer financing.

Why do you recommend appointments?
Since we are different than the average lot where a vehicle sits 90-120 days on Average. We would like to make sure the vehicle is still available. Also sometime it may be an incoming vehicle, or a customer has put a deposit hold.

Do you deal with Out of State buyers?
Yes we do we can help with the process of buying a car sight unseen and assist with shipping quotes.

Do your vehicles carry a Factory Warranty.
If the vehicle purchased is within the original Manufactures warranty we will transfer the coverage to you as the new owner.


What type of vehicles can you locate?
We are specialist trained car buyers and can assist with locating an everyday corolla or a rare exotic such as Ferrari or Lamborghini. We deal in just about every make and model, however 90% of our request are for the following brands. ( Acura, BMW, Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes )

How long does it take to locate a vehicle?
Locate time frame has to do with your specific request. Since we work with our customers on a one on one basis, each request is very unique and can take a few days to several weeks. However our average time from order to delivery is 15 days. Some are faster and some are nearing 8 months or more to find that rare gem.

What if I am not satisfied with condition of the vehicle you locate?
Your 100% satisfaction is our priority and goal that we strive for and if you are not satisfied with a vehicle you do not have to purchase it.

How can I initiate a locate request?
Simply go to our website and fill a locate request and we will contact your to go over all the details.

How much do I have to pay?
Our fees vary but typically range from $1250 to $1500

Can I see the cars at the Auction?
Auction rules prohibit us from taking retail customers to any auction.

Can I see pictures of the vehicle that you will be purchasing?
We can provide several pictures and options list to make sure you are comfortable with the vehicle. As always we back that with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.